Tuesday, June 30, 2009


When I was a little girl walking down the sidewalk with my grandmother, I said "Look at that lady!" She said "Call her a woman. We are not sure yet if she is a lady or not." Being a lady meant that she had been raised in a moral and pleasing manner, with etiquette and graciousness and other nurturing qualities.

Have you ever wished you knew how to be like the feminine, charming ladies that are in the old movies? Have you ever wondered why they move differently, how they dress so charmingly, how they have manners and poise and graciousness? Do you think they were born that way? They weren't. They had to learn these things from finishing schools, etiquette classes, poise classes, girls' schools, modeling schools. Now you can learn these things again, how to bring out your charms and gifts of being a lady.

Here are a couple of sites online to help you polish yourself up and gain the magic and charm that gives women the beauty she was meant to have; the ways of being different from men that makes you so irresistible.


Up until about 1975, there were books written about how to sit, stand, walk, use your hands gracefully, how to deal with manners and difficult situations, grooming, and everything that separates us from the male race, but those books are almost impossible to find these days, and when I looked for some for my own girls, or looked online, I found many lessons on how a cross-dresser could be more feminine, but that same teacher would not take on girls or ladies to teach THEM the same skills!

Our world has changed so much, that if a space ship visited earth in 1975, then came back today, they might say "Oops, this is not the right planet. Nothing is the same except that there are still humans, animals and homes and cars, but they think and act completely different, their society is completely different."

If you know of more sites that deal with being more feminine, or being a better wife, mother and homemaker, feel free to share them with me in your comments, and I will consider adding them to my blog.



Kathleen from Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Oh your post just touched my heart. I read your blog definition and immediately knew I would love reading your posts. I also love the way women dressed and acted in the early years and on the movies. I love to wear dresses. In my area, women seem to dress like men and look even worse. They all wear jeans and sneakers and they all wear the same styles. I have started sewing my own clothing, because I don't want to dress like everyone else and I want to look feminine. I also found a lovely vintage coat pattern from the late 50's and am making a coat for myself, may not wear it in town, but will wear it at home! Just love this blog! blessings Kathleen

Bluebirdy said...

Hi Kathleen! We have a lot in common! I have been embroidering since I was 10, and I put my husband through school with my embroidery that I sold to others. I see that you have a vintage apron post on your blog, how cool! You must be an Apronista! lol. The little town I lived for 20 years was the same. You didn't dare dress nice or they would talk and say you were trying to be better than they are, trying to be a snob, when what they were doing was being a snob to anyone who wanted to dress in more than jeans. Now I can dress nicer, since moving to Canada where the culture is different. I'm an old movie maniac. My TV is on TCM (Turner Classic Movies) 80% of the time. I found an awesome retro site that I will add to my blog today. . You might want to look at the sites I've listed on the sidebar. I have othet blogs, and I don't get to post here as often as I'd like due to time/energy limits, but stay in touch! Nice to know there's one other person in the world who thinks a lot like I do.

Mrs.Garcia said...

I have just found your blog today and I was reading this blog post to my daughter and explaining to her all the qualities that were listed!
I love your blog and I will be back to visit.
God's Blessings on you and your lovely family


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